FAQ - SwissEcoPass


When would the SwissEcoPass be rolled out?

At least three years will be needed to approve the funding (VAT, hydrocarbon tax) once the popular initiative (referendum) is approved by voters.

During this period, a partnership contract will have to be signed with all the partners of the SwissEco Mobility 2025 Fair for ALL network.

Will all Mobility operators join the SwissEco Mobility 2025 network?

Most should join because there are many financial advantages: significant increase in revenues, free guaranteed income insurance to cover operating risks, increase in user footfall, development of premium services, investment in infrastructure, reduction of all public subsidies, simplification of tariffs, reduction in administrative costs and significant benefits for national tourism.

What are the likely financial impacts of the hydrocarbon taxes and VAT on residents of Switzerland?

Hydrocarbon products: A rise of 5 centimes per litre of petrol corresponds to an average annual cost of CHF 48 per vehicle registered in Switzerland in 2019 (6.16 million vehicles), but there will be no impact on your pocket if you reduce your car journeys by -5% and use the SwissEco Mobility 2025 network instead.

VAT: A 0.5 point rise corresponds to an average annual cost of CHF 232 per resident of Switzerland aged +26 and over (6.26 million persons).

How will the SwissEco Mobility 2025 platform work at a technical level?

We’ll build on existing mobility technology and platforms (SwissPass, Swiss Travel Pass, Magic Pass…) and community subscriptions, all based on smart card RFID technology or the use of a mobile application already in use on various Swiss public transport systems.

These terminals will facilitate the distribution of SwissHappyPass revenues, as a user may use more than one partner’s facilities in one day.

Where will I be able to purchase the SwissEcoPass and SwissHappyPass?

Online, at SwissEco Mobility 2025 partners’ ticket counters and tourist offices.

They will also be renewed (SwissEcoPass) and topped up (SwissHappyPass) at these sale points.

Who will be able to purchase what?

All persons resident in Switzerland will be able to purchase the SwissEcoPass and SwissHappyPass.

Non-residents will be able to purchase the SwissHappyPass only.

Children aged 0 to 5 will be able to use the SwissEco Mobility 2025 network FREE OF CHARGE. However, they will have to be in possession of personal cards in order to pass through the terminal barriers.

Will there be preferential terms for SwissEco Mobility 2025 companies and partners?

Companies will be able to benefit from preferential terms by paying their employees’ SwissEcoPass subscriptions (to be determined).

Employees of SwissEco Mobility 2025 partners will also be able to benefit from preferential terms (to be determined).

The aim is to drastically reduce the use of private transport for business trips and to use environmentally responsible mobility.

What will be the role of sponsors and ambassadors?

Active volunteers who play a key role in terms of communication and project implementation.

They will be expected to support and contribute to various aspects of the project according to their skills.

They will be kept informed about the project’s progress and will be able to join in the decision-making process.

If the SwissEco Mobility 2025 Fair for EVERYONE popular initiative is successful, they will be among the founding members. As such, they will be entitled to attend the annual meetings and benefit from preferential rates for their SwissEcoPass subscriptions.