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About us

The SwissEco Mobility 2025 Fair for EVERYONE project is in the air. It meets the needs of the Swiss population in terms of mobility, ecology, economy and tourism.

The launch of the Magic Pass ski pass in 2017 was the first trigger to start the project, but it was necessary to extend the concept of “One for All, All for One” and “There is Strength in Numbers” to all Swiss mobility by guaranteeing a super attractive and Fair price for EVERYONE.

The foundations of the project had been laid, all that remained was to create the business model.

First of all, the total annual cost of Swiss Mobility 2020, i.e. a turnover of around 10.6 billion Swiss francs with public subsidies, was to be calculated, then attractive offers were to be developed for users and a fair business plan was to be drawn up for future Mobility partners.

The financing of the business plan will be based on 4 pillars:

– Sale of new SwissEco Mobility 2025 subscriptions

– VAT rate increase

– Hydrocarbon tax increase

– Public subsidies reduction

Finally, ambitious but realistic ecological and economic objectives had to be set for 2025:

– To reduce by 15% the exhaust emissions by using the SwissEco Mobility 2025 network

– To reduce by 5% new vehicle registrations

– To reduce by 75% the purchase price of a SwissEcoPass subscription for all user segments

– To reduce by 30% public transport subsidies

Now it’s your turn to commit!

Christophe Godel

Founder SwissEco Mobility 2025 Fair for EVERYONE

Freelance Consultant